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Tooth Fairy Kits

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Created by Megan Johnson of "The Midsummer's Night Masquerade," this listing is for a unique, handmade gift to your child, from the Tooth Fairy, to leave under their pillow in place of their recent lost tooth.  Makes a wonderful keepsake to memorialize your child's first lost tooth and a magical memory for your child.  

In a world where nearly everything has become electronic, let's not lose that touch of child-like wonder and whimsy. Let's keep that personal feel of old-world Faery magic!
-With a handmade Tooth Fairy coin and a personalized hand-written note to your child, using a calligraphy pen and a pot of ink, complete with a gold-standard seal of Approval from the Tooth Fairy herself!

Bring back a bit of the magic from Fairy Tales of days gone by with this enchanting and lovingly made Tooth Fairy gift bag.

This little gift-bag features a small hand-painted blue fabric draw-string bag with a large solid decorative tooth design on the front and a small silver charm with "Believe" on it attached to the bag's drawstring. Inside is a colorfully decorated handmade "Faery Wish" coin with a fairy design on one side and a tooth design on the other side. The coin will be roughly the size of an American silver dollar coin.  Also, there will be a small aged looking paper scroll tied with a ribbon, on the scroll is a personalized handwritten note from the Tooth Fairy, complete with a special "Tooth Fairy Approved" seal. With the bag will come a small packet of iridescent glitter which you can choose to sprinkle under your child's pillow, or not.

This is a unisex gift-bag meant for all ages and sexes.