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Trade Tokens - Outdoor Adventure

$ 6.95

 Tokens Included (total of 6 tokens):

  • Good for one swim
  • Good for one picnic
  • Good for one hike
  • Good for star gazing
  • Good for sunrise watching
  • Good for berry picking

    When times are tough it's good to remember that the best things in life don't actually cost much. In fact, they ask for nothing more than your time and thoughtfulness: a long walk after dinner, a friend's comfy couch, a board game on a rainy day. 

    Key features:

      • Solid American maple wood, 1.5" diameter
      • Stamped by hand in the United States
      • Archival black ink lasts forever
      • Infinitely re-usable
      • Packaged in stamped muslin sack with tag


    Great for:

    • Anyone who could use a hug, pep talk, etc.
    • Gifting shared activities and experiences
    • Including with greeting cards or other gifts
    • Stocking stuffers, party favors, rewards for kids