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Real Maple Leaf Earrings with Moonstone and Chalcedony

$ 70.00

These gorgeous earrings from Sihaya Designs feature genuine maple leaves that have been electroplated in a layer of sterling silver plating to create a durable natural treasure. They have been bejeweled with a trio of gemstones for sparkle.

The center stone is aqua chalcedony-- 
chalcedony is said to be connected to creativity and intuition--it's a soothing stone that calms the spirit and promotes goodwill and healing. It is also a good stone for those who suffer anxiety and depression, as it helps to alleviate negative thoughts and instill peace and joy. There are also two moonstone briolettes per earring-- moonstone is a stone that enhances one's intuitive gifts, assists in divination and clairvoyancy, and has been long said to protect travelers. 

These earrings are large, statement pieces, each measuring approximately 2" wide by 2 1/2" tall (including the sterling silver earwires). As these earrings are made from real leaves, there will be slight differences between them, but each pair was hand selected to be as close as possible in size and shape.