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Turkish Delight Pistachio And Rose Flavored Lollipop (One)

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Well, aren't these pretty?!

The order is for one handmade 3" pistachio and rose flavored lollipop with Turkish Delight hearts and gorgeous tiny organic rosebuds. These taste glorious! 

Turkish Delight is such a decadent confection, that's also vegan and gluten free. There is something so lovely about rose jelly candy dusted in powdered sugar and I thought it would make such a perfect addition to a lollipop. It was a toss up either to add toasted pistachios or rosebuds, the rosebuds won because they're so gorgeous.

Each lollipop will come individually wrapped, branded, and tied with a Swiss satin bow.

IMPORTANT ~ PLEASE READ! If you have any sensitivities or allergies please note that goods are processed in a vegetarian kitchen that also processes nuts, dairy, and gluten products.