Faerie  Magazine is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted—from a scattering of mushrooms in an ancient forest to a sweet, scented gown made only of roses. Every issue features exquisite photography, original fiction and poetry, travel pieces (from bioluminescent bays to Scottish fairy hills and castles), artist profiles, recipes, home décor, otherworldly beauty tips, craft tutorials, and much more—with a dash of faerie (and mermaid, and dragon!) magic sprinkled throughout. Regular contributors include Alice Hoffman, Wendy and Brian Froud, Charles Vess, and many more. Faerie is published four times a year—in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter—and is available in the Lifestyle section of Barnes & Noble (ask for magazine #28145) and through the Faerie Magazine website. We ship all over the world.

We also offer very unique, carefully curated products for sale, many of them collaborations with artisans whose work we admire. From stunning miniature terrariums to handmade fairy crowns, to special books and charming, fairy tale-inspired jewelry... we only sell what we love and we're adding new products all the time. So please keep a lookout. We'll be announcing many of our new exclusive collaborations through our very popular Facebook page and our weekly newsletter (sign up at the top left-hand side of this page!). We hope we'll see you there!