Beard and Body Wash - Head to Toe Soap

$ 5.00

Get in touch with your inner mountain man (or woman). This is a no-nonsense all purpose shampoo and soap bar. Works great on your hair and your body. All natural, just a little hint of manly fragrance. You can even use it to scrub yourself clean in your mountain stream or lake, there are no crazy ingredients to pollute the water!

Shampoo bars are a bit different than your run of the mill commercial shampoo. They are great for your hair and scalp, but there is a bit of an adjustment period. Our shampoo bars are particularly good for coarse or dry hair. If your hair is very fine or prone to oiliness you may find this formula a bit too conditioning. A rinse with cider vinegar can be helpful if your hair feels a bit heavy after shampooing.

Soaps will vary in size and shape, but will average 3 - 4 ounces per bar.