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Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold

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The "Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold" is a handcrafted St. Patrick's Day gift for kids. 
-Each pot of gold features a small white organza drawstring bag containing 3 handmade gold-colored Leprechaun coins, a rolled up parchment tied with a green ribbon with a handwritten poem from the Leprechaun Shamus, and a small corked bottle of "gold dust"(glitter) with an attached gold Leprechaun charm. The pot of gold is filled with gold Easter grass and the bag of goodies is all neatly packaged in a large green organza drawstring gift bag with a handwritten tag for mom or dad.

*There are several small items included...the coins are roughly the size of a quarter and the corked jar of glitter with attached Leprechaun charm is 'quite' small. These are choking hazards for tiny ones, so please purchase with care and attention. :)

For fun, on St. Patrick's Day, parents can hide the Pot o' gold in their child's dresser drawer, in the cupboard behind their favorite box of cereal, or even in one of their shoes (Leprechauns are well-known as shoe makers, after all!). Perhaps Shamus the Leprechaun had a late night and felt one of these places to be a fine hiding place for his pot of gold! :D

Each coin is carefully created using a home-made non-toxic clay and then cast from a variety of molds I have created myself. The designs range from a pot full of gold coins, a leprechaun's face, mushrooms with a pot of gold in front, knot-work designs, a Celtic shamrock, a Leprechaun's hat with a shamrock on it, and a pot of gold with a rainbow coming out of it -which are featured on both the front and backsides of the coins.
-each coin is accented with a dark patina for an aged effect and then dusted with green pearlescent pigments and glitter.
Some coins may look cracked or chipped, that is an intentional design to accentuate their handmade nature and look.
-These are Leprechaun coins, after all, who do you think makes them? Not a coin press!! :D