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Authentic ROMAN GLASS! Earrings

$ 32.00

A finite amount of Roman Glass remains, uncovered in Israel, way beneath the ground now trodden. It is not the colorful wild colors of exquisite 'royal' glass from the Roman times, it is more a 'commoners' glass. Each piece is unique and one can only imagine who drank from this glass, what pieces of this glass were used for bowls or plates but one thing is for sure, this is an authentic piece of history, from the Great Roman era!

Antique brass metal's are strung through the glass to protect your piece of history.  The actual glass pieces are 1 1/4" long, complimented by two crystal beads that sparkle and shine! Total size of earring is 2 1/4" long,

Who might have used this ancient glass? YOU can always decide who might have!