Sweet Dreams Lollipop (One)

$ 7.00

The order is for one handmade 3" round hard candy dreamy sky lollipop. They are flavored with natural lemon (and not so natural) marshmallow flavoring. Tiny silver marzipan stars are sprayed with edible silver metallic spray paint and the clouds are made with 100% vegan edible wafer paper. Marzipan is an almond confection and does contain nuts. The candy is dotted with silver candy dragees and sprinkled with lots of sparkling edible silver glitter. They are finished with a spray of magical light blue edible spray paint.

Each lolly is individually wrapped, branded, and tied with a satin bow.

IMPORTANT ~ PLEASE READ! If you have any sensitivities or allergies please note that goods are processed in a vegetarian kitchen that also processes nuts, dairy, and gluten products. If you have any questions regarding sensitivities, please contact me prior to ordering.