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Sylvan Leaves by Sihaya Designs -- Real Oak Leaf

$ 79.00

This gorgeous  pendant features a genuine oak leaf that has been electroplated to create a durable natural treasure. A unique purplish blue patina tint was then added-- because each leaf is different and the patina is applied by hand, each pendant will vary slightly. You may see tones of rose or copper as well, but in general the colors are lightly iridescent, like a mysterious twilight.
The pendant was then adorned with a hand-hammered swirl of sterling silver, and then bejeweled with a trio of gemstones:  flashing labradorite to encourage clairvoyance and strengthen intuition, purple chalcedony to improve self-perception, and rainbow moonstone to increase your connection to the moon and aid you in clear thought.

The pendants in this style range between 50-70mm (approximately 2- 2 2/3 inches) tall and 35-60mm (approximately 1 1/3 - 2 1/3 inches) wide, depending on the leaf. They hang suspended from an 18" tarnish-resistant antique silver plated chain and close with a lobster clasp.